About us

   Company T-AS performs a wide range of activities related to property and fire safety.

Mostly, they are:

- Burglar alarm system;

- Video surveillance;

- Access control;

- Fire alarm system;

- Gas, water and powdered fire-fighting;

- Alerting people about the fire;

- Smoke extraction.


We also carry out work on the low-current systems, and electricity, which include:

- Building management systems;

- Structured cabling systems;

- Terrestrial and Cable TV;

- Multi-room;

- Home automation systems;

- The lighting control;

We can equip any item regardless of whether a one-bedroom apartment or small office, private residence, office complex or factory.

There are no small objects for us. We treat all the clients with care and do the job so that we can be proud of it. The Client would confidently recommend us to their friends and partners.


Typically, our work with the client is based on the following scenario:

1. Development and approval of the project plan - at this stage of our experts in collaboration with the Customer or its agents determine the features and price range of future systems;

2. Development and coordination of the design and documentation;

3. Equipment supply according to the project;

4. Installation and commissioning;

5. Introduction of the Customer and its personnel to work with the System;

6. Object maintance and support.

This scenario can be started from any stage.

We have worked at the market more 10 years. Over the years we have developed a certain reputation.


Why should you choose us?


1. We are competent. Our specialists are always aware of all the technical innovations, constantly learning new equipment and new technologies and track the changes in the regulatory documentation;

2. We do the work like for ourselves;

3. We can admit our mistakes. If we are wrong, we correct the mistakes fast and qualitatively;

4. We are honest. We will not make you a promise of a skin seven caps. However, if it turns out that you can save your money with no loss of functionality, then we will notify you, and cut the budget;

5. We try to solve every problem. We can offer you a solution to your problem at any budget. The project budget does not affect the quality of work, but please be sensitive to the fact that the budget for the project is directly proportional to the functionality and quality of installed equipment.


The most complete on the quality of our work and our competence can be seen from the list of objects that we currently support:

· Store Stockmann Khimki;

· Ernst & Young office;

· BBC office;

· Norilsk Nickel company office;

· Bank RNKB;

· Bank Corsair Oil;

· Business House Domino;

· Business Hotel Rosso Riva;

· Novatek Residence;

· and etc.


Some of them we serve only one system and manufacture of a quarterly or monthly basis, while others are on duty around the clock, our specialists and are responsible for trouble-free operation of all systems.

Today we are in the service of the objects that we assembled and launched in 2002 and more recent, work on which began in 2012-2017. Most of the systems we service designed and assembled and launched by our experts.


Our company has a license L014-00101-77/00048791 for the installation, maintenance and repair of fire safety equipment for buildings and structures, issued by the Ministry of the Russian Federation for Civil Defense, Emergency Situations and Disaster Relief and is a member of the Self-Regulatory Organization "Interregional Construction Union of Designers of Fire Protection Systems" and the Self-Regulatory Organization Association "Association of General Contractors in Construction".


Our company's employees are certified to design fire safety equipment for buildings and structures that have been put into operation and are included in the national register of NOPRIZ specialists and the national register of construction specialists NOSTROY.


The activities of our organization are insured by Renaissance Insurance Group LLC and Absolut Insurance LLC.